We offer this screen patio with a choice of two different aluminum roofs. One is a non-insulated roof. The roof panels are 12" wide and have a 3" rib that snap together and are roll formed to what length you need. The second roof is a 3" insulated roof. The roof panels are 48" wide with 3" of foam laminated to aluminum skin on each side and are  roll formed to what length you need. The screen patio walls come with a 36" x 80" screen door - 16" aluminum kick plate at the bottom- 18 x 14 mesh charcoal fiberglass screen - color choice of white or bronze on structural aluminum frames. Price for screen patio is figure by  pricing screen walls and aluminum roof separately. Price for screen walls is total length of patio screen walls x 63.00 installed. (example) 10' x 20' x 10' screen patio has three wall total 40' x $63.00 = $2,520.00. Price for a non-insulated patio roof is length of patio roof x width of patio roof x $9.00 installed. Price for insulated patio roof is x $17.00 installed. Don't forget to add 1'foot on width and 2'on length for roof overhangs. Zero down upon acceptance of contract, 50% upon delivery, with remainer of balance to be paid upon completion of installation.

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