Two Story Southern Storm Ready Screen Pool Enclosure
(Wind, No Ice or Snow)
Building Outdoor Living
We Build the Strongest Aluminum Enclosure in the Industry Since 1971

Enjoy Your Screen Pool Enclosure and Patio during Daytime and
Night-time - Protects your patio furniture - Easy Pool Care
Low Maintenance - No Bugs - Tree Leaves - Grass Clippings
Keeps Neighborhood Children Out of Pool Area
Great for Family Outdoor Entertaining - and, Of Course, Swimming

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Material List Used to Build Each Storm Ready Enclosure:
Four Roof Designs to Choose from:
Gable, Mansard, Shed Flat
White or Bronze Aluminum Frame (Color)
3" x 9" Storm Ready Roof Beams and Roof Uprights: Largest in the Pool Enclosure Industry (patent pending)
2" x 7" Storm Ready Side Wall Uprights
2" x 3" Pulins
3/16" x 9" x 18" Joint Gusset Plates Roof
3/16" x 9" x 12" Joint Gusset Plates Uprights
3/16" x 2" x 3" Angle Uprights to Concrete
3 Screen Doors inside lock, key lock outside
3 Screen Door Grilles, Choice of 12 Custom Designs
View Door Grille Designs
Cable Stainless Ties for Wind Loads
Super Gutter with Internal Beam Brackets
Layout Laser with Computer Software
Screen 12 Year Warranty
1 Towel Bar

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Price for Two Story Screen Pool
Enclosure is $23/Square Foot of Enclosed
Area. To Estimate the Cost of Your
Enclosure, Use this Formula:

Length* x Width* = Total Area
*measure length and width of area to be enclosed

Total Area x $23.00 = Cost of Enclosure

Example: 20' width x 50' length = 1000 square feet x $23.00 = $23,000.00 installed price.

Zero down upon acceptance of contract
50% upon delivery of materials and installation crew,
with remainder of balance to be paid
upon completion of installation.

We recommend the following states for Two Story Screen Pool Enclosures:

Alabama (AL) Arkansas (AR)
Florida (FL) Georgia (GA)
Louisiana (LA) Mississippi (MS)
North Carolina (NC) South Carolina (SC)
Tennessee (TN) Texas (TX)