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Southern Storm Ready Screen Pool Enclosures

Southern Storm Ready Screen Pool Enclosures

Specifically engineered for Hurricane Winds, featuring Uni-Lock Self-Mating Aluminum Beams.

Choice of these Roof Designs:

B - Mansard

C - Gable

D - Shed


Tips on building your new swimming pool deck for the installation of screen or glass pool enclosure.

  • Keep your concrete or wood deck edge level where enclosure walls will be installed.

  • Build a square or rectangular concrete or wood deck.

  • Keep pool enclosure walls 3 feet from swimming pool water edge.

Send us a photo of your complete swimming pool deck and, if it connects to your home, a photo of the back of your home. Send via smart phone to 941-224-2219 or email

Southern and Northern Storm Ready Screen Pool Enclosures come with these standard features:

  • All enclosures are installed by our factory trained crew

  • Choice of Roof Design: B, C, D, E (see above)

  • 3" x 9" or 3" x 7" Uprights and Roof Beams Patent #US0087756900B1

  • 3/16" Gusset Plates at Roof Beam Connections and Roof & Upright Beam Connections

  • Color - White or Bronze Aluminum Frame

  • Screen is 18/14 Fiber Glass (charcoal color)

  • 3 Screen Doors, 2 - 36" x 80" and 1 - 48" x 80"

  • Fasteners are White or Bronze Ceramic Coated

  • Stainless Steel Wire Cables for Wind Loads

Any questions about Pool Enclosures, Call Peter Hudson at 941-224-2219 7am - 9pm or email:


20% down upon acceptance of contract

40% at the start of installation (when crew and materials arrive at job site)

Remainder of balance upon completion of installation.


How to figure a price for a new installed Southern Storm Ready Pool Enclosure:


TOTAL SQUARE FEET X $19 = $ Total Installed Price

EXAMPLE: Pool Enclosure WIDTH of 25' x Pool Enclosure LENGTH of 40' = 1000 SQUARE FEET x $19 = $19,000 Installed Price

Payment Schedule:

  • $19,000 x 20% = $3,800 due upon acceptance of contract, New Balance = $15,200

  • $15,200 x 40% = $6,080 due at start of installation

  • New Balance = $9,120 due upon completion of installation

Deposits can be made by check or credit card via PayPal.

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