Southern Storm Ready Screen Pool Enclosures

Patented Beams (Patent #US0087756900B1)

  • Hurricane Rated 3" x 7" Unilock Slot Patio Beam

  • Hurricane Rate 3" x 9" Unilock Slot Patio Beam


Our patented beams are now available only at Eastern Metal Supply.

These patio beams are hurricane rated and can be used for "picture view" applications. This premium patio beam offers the following features and benefits:

  • Available in 30' lengths

  • Eliminates the need to double up on carry beams because it is engineered specifically for longer spans

  • Tested and approved for Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County

  • Internal grooves for gussets to reduce screw visibility and number of screws

  • Made of Aluminum 6063-T6

  • Available in bronze or white

Eastern Metal Supply Products numbers for 3" x 9":

52-WH-2930N White

52-MB-2930N Bronze

Easter Metal Supply Product numbers for 3" x 7":

Coming soon.


To purchase contact Eastern Metal Supply at:

800-432-2204 Florida

800-343-8154 North Carolina

800-996-6061 Texas

888-822-6061 Missouri



View Eastern Metals Patio Enclosure Shapes Catalog

(Architectural 17 - page 4 of pdf to view our patented Unilock Slot Beams)

Unilock Slot Beam Available at Eastern Metal Supply